mandag 24. oktober 2011

unfit for winter

But winter doesn't scare me at all. Winter can go cry in a corner, I'll wear my new stockings, so there.

(of course i'm wearing my shorts, you....)

This weekend tasted like little baby jellybeans. But I've learned to stay away from the cinnamon!
Also, heres a drawing for you, friend. I had an absolutely horrid test in science today, and when I was finished with doing the best I could, I started sketching around. The swirls and the sketchy lines ended up taking the shape of a demon necromancer. Here you have some Nicholael.

5 kommentarer:

  1. My god, what adorable stockings (and pretty legs, ohoho). And that is some seriously tempting stuff. Both the jellybeans and that really handsome fella you drew, I mean.

  2. Hrrr~ I want those stockings. ): Where did you buy them..? ; A ; ~

  3. Piraten (Mao/ piraten hørtes fulere ut)24. oktober 2011 kl. 10:48

    ...Mother of God I LOVE HIS NAME- NICHOAEL.
    marry muuu. <3
    Beautiful piece of clothing, u jellyy.

  4. NichoLael* -bigfailololtroll-

  5. Tora: Bought them at a small store here in Ås, which I unfortunately don't know the name of, ahah. qwq'

    Piraten: MMMe and Edward thanks you, friend.