søndag 30. oktober 2011

Dear deer flies;

please go away.

there was supposed to be a video here. said video did not wish to be uploaded.

Yesterday we finally celebrated Marte's birthday. Marte, being the farmer she is, decided that we should go grilling in the woods. So we did and I decided to flip up the camera. After spending some time in the woods with an increasing fear of deer flies, we got inside, changed and watched some movies. And said hello to this little bastard.

Kudos to my dear for atleast trying to capture this icemelting moment between me and Zippo, despite my camera being a bit steamed and emotional after the trip into the wild. I tell you this, friend; I'd eat that little wonder if it wasn't for the fact that it's a little living creature with a baby beating heart. It was so precious.
what even is that.

My dear just left. How did you spend your weekend?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Aww man, you are both such adorable cuties. <3 You forgot to mention the awesome round of Cluedo, though, and the fact that Marte managed to kill all the burgers by dropping them directly into fire.

  2. I spend the weekend eating candy/ exercising a weeny bit- so "funny" I should be charged.
    Aaahw, sounds fun. Omg little eye-creture so tiny. Even tinier than me <'3 Oh lord how cute isn't just that..thing ffffff i am dying :')

    -sincerely sincerely lulz.

  3. Thx for a nice day ^^ Hey! Helia, the burges didn't want to be eaten...
    My little thiny one<3 Love love ^^

    Hihihi XD