onsdag 19. oktober 2011

Sunny Sundays

This Sunday I was at an adorable little market in Oslo with my dear. Said market happens to have a blog here at blogspot; http://www.sondagsmarkedet.blogspot.com/

I tell you, dear friend and reader, choosing what rings and cameos I wanted to buy was almost as impossible as finding the market itself. But we managed, and I fell in love as soon as I saw the great chandelier. The whole atmosphere of the place reminded me much of Camden in London - smaller, though, but more than enough and lovely by far. These are the treasures I brought home, the ring with the birds being a gift from my dear. Isn't she just the sweetest thing! One of the birds even decided to put a big, fat crown atop of it's head. Birds these days.

I highly recommend going there if you're ever in Oslo and if you're into antiques, vintage clothing and dreamy ornaments. I never knew such a place existed in Oslo, but thanks to a friend of mine who told me about it, I'm definitely going back!

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  1. Ohhh man, I know, right. Such an awful lot of lovely things and I just wanna buy it all. The rings you chose were really adorable and it's totally Ghost on that cameo, no jokes. And what a silly bird, putting a crown on it's head. Oh well. It's still very pretty.

    Just like you. <3